Doering Building Group

Doering Building Group

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Odin Place Won The Tommie Award For

Odin Place Won The Tommie Award For

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Chateau Brittany

Chateau Brittany

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Doering Building Group, Custom Home Builders!

Doering Building Group, Custom Home Builders!

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Building it better since 1983

Building it better since 1983

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DBG Building it better

DBG Building it better

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Doering Building Group

Doering Building Group

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Why Choose DBG

“Built A Better Way”

Home Building Excellence

Building It Better since 1983

What’s the difference which home builder you choose to build your home?  Actually, it can make all the difference…from choice of homes, to quality of material and workmanship, and to the customer service you get along the way. At Doering Homes, caring about the people we build for is always our first priority.  That’s the Doering Advantage.

1)   Experience Advantage

When it comes to choosing where you want to build your home, the old adage is location, location, location.  There is no substitute for the perfect piece of property.  It’s fitting then, when it comes time to select your builder, the three most important aspects are experience, experience, experience.  When building a home, there is no substitute for experience.  The decision to build your dream home can be stressful, and the comfort and trust a purchaser receives from selecting a builder who is highly respected and recognized, makes the process more enjoyable and rewarding.  Doering Building Group is a leader in experience.

The Doering family began making their mark in the construction industry in 1952.  Erich Doering started a masonry company and enjoyed success building a wide range of projects, including high-rise apartments, industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.  Harry Doering began to work at an early age and quickly learned the trade from the ground up, under the guidance of master craftsmen.  He learned first-hand the importance and value of careful planning as the company became involved in increasingly complex and large-scale projects.

Harry enjoys the personal experience of building a home.  He enjoys the experience of meeting with clients and getting to know them.  The planning, designing and building of a home is a very personal process.  It’s a rewarding and fulfilling undertaking.

In 1984, Harry was named President, and he shifted the focus of the company to pursue his passion: building homes The company identified a segment of the home building market that wanted a personalized approach, and has since excelled.  Doering is proud to provide purchasers with the total quality construction exceptional customer service with every home that is built.

Harry Doering is respected and known for his integrity, honesty, commitment to quality and continuous improvement.  He has an extensive and broad based knowledge of the industry.  Projects as diverse as industrial factories, public schools, medical facilities, residential high-rise, multi-unit construction, and custom homes are examples of his proven record.   Renovation and corrective remedial contracts have included fire and safety upgrades in historically significant public structures, asbestos removal, construction of resource centres for the developmentally challenged, clean room construction for environmentally sensitive individuals, structural remediation for contaminated concrete, restorations and remediation.

His expertise in construction is recognized by the industry.  He has presented numerous technical sessions for the New Home Warranty Program and the Home Builders Association to share his knowledge and to promote professionalism and excellence in the new home building industry.  He is very active in the building community.


  • Canadian Home Builders Association – 25 years
  • Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) – 19 years
  • Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI).
  • Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA), – 19 years
  • Waterloo Region Chief Building Officials Committee (WRCBOC) – 10 years


  • Honours Bachelor of Science degree
  • Masters of Continuous Improvement
  • “Certified Engineering Tech” (CET)
  • “Building Code Qualified”  (BCQ) with the Ontario Building Officials Association
  • Certified Residential designer with HRAI
  • Presented training sessions and seminars for 15 years for the New Home Warranty Program and the Ontario Home Builders Association including building code training, technical workshops on home construction, customer service, business and project management.
  • Provided inspection and training services for the New Home Warranty Program

2) Quality Advantage

The Doering family has achieved a remarkable reputation for building a diverse range of quality construction projects.  The backbone of this success is the due diligence we provide in the bid process; the implementation of thorough project organization; the selection of proven, competent, reliable trades; and effective site supervision and coordination.  Total Quality Management, from start to finish.

Custom built to your taste.  We are committed to providing the best possible product for our client, and delivering quality, service and value.

Enhanced Durability for Low Maintenance and Improved Longevity

Some features and their advantages include:

  • Delta MS waterproofing membrane provides superior protection against moisture and leakage into your basement.
  • Structural steel reinforcing of footings and concrete walls provides a superior foundation system to preserve your investment for yourself and future generations.
  • Screwed and glued sub floors provide strength and durability (and no squeaks).
  • Engineered floor joist are straighter and stronger than conventional lumber and they use less of precious resources.
  • Cement board Siding and Stone Veneers provide a lasting durable, attractive finish.
  • 50-year shingle extends the life of your roof beyond code.
  • Ice and Water shield underlayment is beyond code requirement to eliminate any possible ice damming concerns.
  • ICF (insulated concrete foundation) provides warmer, more energy-efficient living spaces.

3) Innovation Advantage

We have been helping families live better since 1983.  Our philosophy is that your home should be your sanctuary.  We strive to build high quality homes that maximize your life by being energy wise, eco friendly, designed smarter and built better.  This is part of our commitment to make your life happier, healthier and safer.

Our company is the Doering “Group” because we understand that our success is due to a team effort from the designers, engineers, suppliers, trades, marketing and service personnel.  We define success as satisfying our client and providing an enduring product.

Energy wise – Want to spend less on your utility bills?  Buying a new Doering home is one of the fastest ways to achieve that.  We adhere to and surpass current energy-efficient construction standards.  Our homes are built with efficiency in mind and incorporate numerous items that help reduce your daily energy costs and increase the long term energy efficiency of your home.

Some features and their advantages include:

  • Hi Efficiency furnaces and water heaters lower energy consumption.
  • Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) improve indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption by recovering heat from exhausts.
  • Extra insulation in ceilings, below slab insulation and Insulated Concrete Foundations all reduce energy demand to heat and cool. your home.
  • Air tight building envelopes with ICF foundations and sealed air barriers eliminate drafts in your home and lower your heating bills.
  • Insulated Concrete Foundations (ICF) provide a better insulated basement that also acts as a heat sink to moderate temperature swings in your home, which means your furnace doesn’t have to work as much to heat your home and your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as much to cool your home…and you are more comfortable.
  • Energy efficient appliances.
  • Casement and fixed window are easier to operate than sliders and keep drafts out.
  • Dual paned windows with Low E glass and advanced thermal breaks save you money through better temperature regulation.
  • Low consumption toilets save you money on your water bill.

4)  Service Advantage

Superior Service is not just our goal, it’s our passion. From industry recognized achievements in customer service to award winning designs, Doering Homes consistently provides service that exceeds the expectations of our customers during what is traditionally the most significant purchase of their lives.

Best Builder Award

Due to our dedication to continual improvement and satisfying our customers we were nominated for the coveted Ernest Asslay Award as best builder in the province of Ontario and we received the “President’s Achievement Award” in “recognition of contribution to excellent after sales service and quality construction”.  Our company is proud to have received the “Best Highrise Condominium Builder of the Year” award for Southwestern Ontario by the New Home Warranty Program.  These nominations and awards are a testament to our continual commitment to keep “Building it Better” for you.

We are committed to be being the best “New Home Builder” in Vernon British Columbia.